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100% Sustainable Lobster Fishing & Sourcing Practices

For over 137 years, the New England fishing industry has made conserving and protecting its waters and the lobsters within a central focus in its fishing practices. The first U.S. law banning fisherman from keeping egg-bearing females was passed in 1872, and a minimum legal size regulation was established in 1874 to ensure that young lobsters weren’t fished before they had reached sexual maturity. Many lobster fishermen and women were already following these practices before regulations were established, but with these then-new laws, the lobster fishing industry was able to safeguard its resources and help prevent overfishing. Today, Lobster Gram strictly adheres to these same practices when sourcing the lobsters we use in our products.

Lobster Gram certifies that our Maine lobsters are fished using 100% sustainable practices. The Northeastern lobster fisheries we partner with abide by the Lobster Conservation Code of Conduct and strive to maintain sustainability in the North Atlantic by protecting its resources and maintaining a vital fishery.

Since we first opened our doors in 1987, Lobster Gram has endeavored to ensure that our Maine lobster products, both fresh and frozen, are sustainably sourced from our local North Atlantic fishing grounds. We are committed to keeping our fishing grounds fertile and abundant, and we accomplish this by replacing each adult lobster we catch with one baby lobster that is old enough to survive on its own.

The standards practiced by lobstermen and women as part of today's Conservation Code of Conduct are listed on page 34 in our Lobster Gram Cooking Manual. We invite you to read our manual and the Lobster Conversation Code of Conduct to develop a better understanding of our products, our practices, and our company.

For more information on Lobster Gram’s 100% sustainably sourced lobsters, or to inquire about our available products and services, please read the Lobster Gram FAQs, or call our customer service department at 1-800-548-3562.