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Lobster Entrees

Lobster Rossejat with Homemade Aioli

For the perfect, “cook-to-impress” seafood meal to serve guests during the holidays, try a fancy lobster pasta dish you (and... Read More

Lobster Pappardelle with Cream Sauce

This recipe is so delicious, even the name as it rolls off your tongue makes your mouth water with anticipation... Read More

Lobster Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

If you’re a fan of Surf and Turf, here’s the ultimate recipe that’s sure to impress everyone! Just imagine the... Read More

Lobster & Spaghetti Squash with Garlic Herb Butter

Looking for a decadently delicious, fresh and flavorful seafood dish with a taste that’s out of this world? Look no... Read More

Steamed Lobster with Seared Wild Mushrooms

Add a delicious gourmet treat to your holiday meal; the rich, sweet taste of steamed lobster! In case you didn’t... Read More

New England Lobster Pie from Grandmother's Recipe

We must admit, the name conjures up warmhearted images of a cozy kitchen in New England, but it also captures... Read More

Savory Baked Stuffed Lobster

If you want to diverge from the traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal (okay, just this once!) and try something completely different... Read More

Lobster BLT with Sweet and Smoky Mayo

Never let it be said there’s nothing that can improve a BLT. Here’s an idea...give it an extra dimension of... Read More

Lobster Eggs Benedict

What happens when you pair up one of breakfast’s most popular dishes with one of dinner time’s most exotic delicacies... Read More

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