Lobster, Mango, Avocado & Cashew Spring Rolls with Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce

Looking for something that’s light, a little sweet and crunchy, healthy and delicious? How about a tasty appetizer to spice... Read More

Shrimp Soupy Rice (Arroz Caldoso de Camarones)

Now that we’re in the season of Lent, if you’re looking for tasty, delicious seafood meals to serve during the... Read More

Latin Shrimp and Lobster in Tomato Sauce and Beer

Packed with zest and Latin flavor, you can’t go wrong with a dish like this to spice up a date... Read More

Scallop Skillet with Bacon, Edamame, Basil, and Creamy Grits

When a special occasion calls for you to “show off” your culinary skills, put this amazingly delicious dish on the... Read More

Steak and Scallops with Champagne-Butter Sauce

Here’s the perfect date-night dinner to make your special someone feel extra special! There’s nothing more satisfying like a delicious... Read More

Lobster Corn Fritters with Truffle Herb Mayo

Make these buttery-delicious lobster bites as an appetizer, or size them up as lobster cakes for a main course. Either... Read More

Seafood Casserole

Step up your casserole recipes with one that’s tailor-made for seafood lovers. This simple and easy-to-prepare dish is made with... Read More

Broiled Lobster Tails with Garlic-Chili Butter

Cooking lobster can be intimidating for the novice, but a quick, easy and delicious way to prepare lobster is to... Read More

Spicy Thai Lobster Soup

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup. But if you’re craving a soup with a little more ZING to... Read More

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