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Lobster Love

...Let’s all cook, eat, and spend some time together!

It’s a sad fact of life in America today...American families rarely eat together. Nor do they cook and prepare meals... Read More

Shades of Difference

If you think all lobsters are red...then you’re only thinking about cooked lobsters! The truth is, the lobster world is... Read More

The Incredible Edible Crab! - The Health Benefits of Eating Crab

Let’s get crabby! No, we don’t mean angry and such...we’re talking about getting crab savvy about what makes eating crab... Read More

Vietnamese-Style Spicy Crab with Garlic Noodles

Craving some Asian flavor for dinner? Looking for something exotic to cook that’ll make a culinary impression? Here’s an entrée... Read More

Old Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits

They’re not just for breakfast….we’re talking about Grits! That southern tradition that adorns many a breakfast and dinner table, and... Read More

Pan Seared Scallops with Lemon Caper Sauce

An elegant and easy seafood entrée that’s outstanding to serve on special occasions or just when you want a unique... Read More

15-Minute One Pan Shrimp and Rice

When you simply don’t have the time, or need a no-fuss dinner fast, this is one that practically prepares itself... Read More

She-Crab Soup

Alright…before you start playing word games with the title of this recipe, you’ve got to make it and try it... Read More

Blue Crab Dip

As the perfect dish to serve at a party or to bring as an appetizer, dips are at the top... Read More

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