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Tracy's Crab Shack

Tracy's King Crab Shack

So it all started out as a joke.....

When Tracy first moved to Juneau Alaska (1996), some friends took her out crabbing for the first time. She was hooked! She loved it! She found crab fascinating, the pulling of the pots, the cleaning of the crab, cooking, the scenery, the company and of course the taste of the crab was awesome!

Pretty soon, whenever friends came to visit, Tracy would take them out on the boat. She often heard it was the highlight of their trip.

One day on a particularly rough day on the water, Tracy said jokingly, "I'm just going to buy a hotdog cart and start selling you guys legs "One Leg at a Time". They all had a good laugh about that, but the idea always stayed with Tracy. She would always talk about what it would look like, how it would "feel". She was sure my friends were sick of hearing it.

Finally in 2006, the company Tracy was working for went bankrupt, and she decided then & there to take matters into her own hands and take a stab at her dream. Things started falling into place.

Almost 15 years since the "idea", here Tracy is as the owner of Tracy's Crab Shack.  Our Lobster Gram team had the pleasure of dining here on a trip to Alaska, and knew Tracy's Alaskan King Crab Bisque had to be an item we offered our customers.  It's been history every since.

Tracy's Crab Shack Facts

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