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No kid talk: 4 ways to have an adults-only Valentine's Day

No kid talk: 4 ways to have an adults-only Valentine's Day

By Cortney Fries


Busy parents need to follow three simple (or not-so-simple, depending on how you look at it) rules when it comes to recreating the magic of those early days when they fell in love, says April Masini, relationship expert, author and founder of

1. Don't talk shop. Leave all talk of the kids behind when you get together time. Just speak of each other.

 2. Preen. It may feel cheesy and unnecessary, but it's not. Buy a fun outfit. Do your hair.

 3. Make plans in advance. Show you care by putting some thought into what your partner would like.

 Here are four out-of-the-box ideas to help get you following Masini's advice.

 1. Enjoy an unforgettable meal at home

Lobster Gram

(800) 548-3562

 Live lobsters, shrimp, steaks, appetizers, desserts and more can be delivered right to your door for an awesome evening in. Flown in fresh from Maine, they arrive with all the fixings so you don't have to worry about a thing.

 My husband and I feasted on the delicious Lobster Gram. Just like at our favorite steakhouses, the filets were thick and juicy. Even Restaurant Impossible Chef Robert Irvine would approve of the crab cakes. And for just heating and eating, the clam chowder and chocolate lava cake were exceptional.

 Order online for home delivery or pick up at Lobster Gram's Chicago warehouse for up to 65 percent off catalog prices, 4664 N. Lowell Ave, Chicago, (773) 777-4123.

 After dinner, order in a movie for snuggling or plan a relaxing tub soak together.

 2. See your spouse a whole new way

King Spa & Sauna

809 Civic Center Drive, Niles

 If you find you are parents in need of peaceful quality time, the Korean-inspired King Spa is the spot. With nine saunas, a movie theater with recliners, and casual but delicious food, it's a great place to reconnect.

 You'll immediately feel transported to an exotic destination because guests enjoy the luxurious male-only and female-only pools in the nude. Either skip it and move into the main unisex area or embrace a new level of comfort with your body.

 Massages, scrubs, facials and foot rubs are offered. The acupressure massage, Seasoned Salad with Nuts, and fresh mango smoothies are my favorites. Unusual options, like infrared baths and patbingsu shaved ice dessert, allow for adventurous experiences.

 Open around the clock, no appointments are required. Matt and Alena Ford, who enjoy regular date nights at King Spa, say it is a healthy place to relax and discuss anything (just not the kids).

 3. Get your engines revving

Gotham Dream Cars

(877) 246-8426

 Nothing is sexier than seeing my husband's adrenaline pumping behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini. Make the fantasy of driving an exotic sports car a reality with Gotham Dream Cars.

 In the warmer months, Gotham brings their Dream Car Sprints to Chicago. Specially designed autocross courses allow you to hit the gas, twist, turn and feel the thrill of driving amazing machines.

 Use discount code “Chicago Parent” to lower the price from $250 to $125 and prepare to get your hearts racing (and keep them racing long after the car's engine is cold).

 4. Seek out some serenity

Serenity Springs

S5888 U.S. 35, LaPorte, Ind.

(219) 861-0000

 If you can secure a sleepover for the kids, Serenity Springs is the perfect adults-only getaway. A 90-minute drive from Chicago, this romantic retreat is situated on 85 privately owned wooded acres. Horse-drawn carriages whisk you to your cozy cabin with fireplaces and sunken whirlpool tubs for two. What you do there is up to you. Just remember rule #1.