Mother's Day Unique Gift Ideas Mother's Day Unique Gift Ideas

Mother's Day just got a little tastier with a great new line of cakes , pies, desserts and other unique gourmet sweets from Lobster Gram. Featuring authentic Italian Gelato Truffles, Whoopie Pies from Maine, Brownie Pops, and a new line of triple-layered gourmet cakes, there are unique and delicious gift choices for your Mom, special someone or sweet-treat lover. Lobster Gram is testing these products on a trial basis with limited quantities, and they are being featured on the Lobster Gram website.

"Lobster Gram is so excited to offer these new gourmet dessert gift ideas . We have been searching for exceptional, novelty desserts that make ideal gifts and fit a whole new price point for us. We felt that Mother's Day was the perfect time to test the market and encourage our customers to try our new cakes, pies, gelato and brownies. We want people to know that we are more than just a company that sells lobster gifts," stated Dan Zawacki, owner and founder of Lobster Gram.

New limited-release desserts and sweet treats being featured at Lobster Gram:

Gourmet Gelato Truffles gift includes choices of two different flavor assortments in a 6 or 12 pack size. The "Grande" 12-Pack Assortment includes one of each 6-Pack for a sampling of all the different flavors in one gift.

Whoopie Pies are the ultimate sweet-treat novelty from New England. Gift packs feature the Classic flavor (cream filling sandwiched between chocolate cake) , the Whoop-de-Doo which is drenched in chocolate, and an assortment with other unique Whoopie flavors.

Brownie Pops are a totally new way of enjoying the traditional treat, with each brownie "pop" covered in rich chocolate with a colorful candy drizzle - on a stick! Lobster Gram offers an assortment of 6 delicious flavors.

Gourmet party cakes in 4 varieties are big enough to serve 12-14 people. Choose from Atomic Cake, White Chocolate Mousse, Boston Cream and Death by Chocolate.

Lobster Gram has been providing great gourmet gift ideas since its inception in 1987. Starting with its trademark "Lobster Gram Deluxe", and "Lobster Gram" packages, Lobster Gram has grown to become the #1 live lobster gift delivery company in America, with a 40-page catalog and hundreds of gift choices, including the new lineup of gourmet baskets. Known for ocean-fresh, live Maine lobster gifts with all the trimmings, Lobster Gram also has 10 varieties of exotic lobster tails from around the world, tenderly aged gourmet steaks, crab, shrimp, creamy chowders, ready-to-heat lobster appetizers and decadent desserts.

To learn more about Lobster Gram and its products, a free catalog is available by calling Lobster Gram's toll free number at 1-800-LIVE-LOB (1-800-548-3562) or requesting one at the Lobster Gram website . Lobster Gram also has an E-club with great perks, such as private special offers and discounts, and sneak peeks at new products; the sign up page for the E-club is at