Mother's Day just got a little tastier with a great new gift idea from Lobster Gram - "Mom's Magnificent Lobster Feast". Featuring sweet, cold water South African lobster tails , luscious Premium Crab cakes, and even a Chocolate Heart cake for dessert, "Mom's Magnificent Lobster Feast" is a unique and delicious gift for your Mom, special someone or seafood lover. Sales of this very limited-time offer are expected to be high for Mother's Day, especially with the extra coverage it is getting as a feature on the Lobster Gram website.

"Lobster Gram is continually striving to achieve fun and unique gift ideas of a variety of gourmet baskets for its customers, to ensure we have something to offer for every occasion, and our "Mom's Magnificent Lobster Feast" is a great example. Lobster is such a special gift, we knew there was an opportunity to come up with something tasteful and fun for one of our biggest holidays of the year - Mother's Day," stated Dan Zawacki, owner and founder of Lobster Gram.

Mom's Magnificent Lobster Feast gift includes two 8-10 oz. South African lobster tails, two 4 oz. Premium Crab cakes and a 20 oz. Chocolate Heart cake.

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The Lobster Gram Surf & Turf gift features live Maine lobsters with tender filet mignon steaks and more, at a great sale price - another great gift idea for Mother's Day.

The Petite Tail Sampler gift comes with a variety of petite-sized lobster tails from around the world at a very special price - a must to make any Mother's Day brunch a gourmet experience.

Lobster Gram has been providing great gourmet gift ideas since its inception in 1987. Starting with its trademark "Lobster Gram Deluxe", and "Lobster Gram" packages, Lobster Gram has grown to become the #1 live lobster gift delivery company in America, with a 40-page catalog and hundreds of gift choices, including the new lineup of gourmet baskets. Known for ocean-fresh, live Maine lobster gifts with all the trimmings, Lobster Gram also has 10 varieties of exotic lobster tails from around the world, tenderly aged gourmet steaks, crab, shrimp, creamy chowders, ready-to-heat lobster appetizers and decadent desserts.

Lobster Gram offers a free catalog by calling its toll free number at 1-800-LIVE-LOB (1-800-548-3562) or requesting one at the Lobster Gram website . Lobster Gram also has an E-club with great perks, such as private offers, discounts, and sneak peeks at new products available at its website.