Easter 2008 Easter 2008

Move over lobster, this year there's a new animal in town for Easter at Lobster Gram. Lamb has arrived for Easter dinner delivery in the form of a 9-Rib Rack of Lamb and an 8-9 lb. boneless Leg of Lamb . To make these lamb specialties even more ideal, they are shipped fresh, never frozen, via overnight delivery, to ensure maximum tenderness. Two dark chocolate Easter Egg -shaped dessert cakes can be added to the festivities for kids both big and small to savor. Only available during Easter season, the lamb and Easter Egg desserts are in limited supply and are featured on the Lobster Gram website.

"Lobster Gram is so excited about our new Easter specials; we really want people to think of us for more than just being the best lobster gift company, but the best gourmet gift company for ALL occasions and holidays," states Dan Zawacki, owner and founder of Lobster Gram. "Our expansion into fine meats such as the fresh leg of lamb and fresh rack of lamb, are just the beginning of more great gift ideas to come."

The Fresh 2.5 - 3 lb. Rack of Lamb gift includes a 9-Rib fresh Rack of Lamb delivered "frenched" and knife-ready for preparation. Lamb arrives fresh and never frozen, in vacuum-sealed packaging, which can be kept refrigerated for up to 3 weeks after delivery. Order now and receive a 4 oz. bottle of free Lamb seasoning to make preparation quick and simple.

The Fresh 8-9 lb. Boneless Leg of Lamb gift comes complete with easy-to-follow cooking instructions. Leg of Lamb also arrives fresh and never frozen, in vacuum-sealed packaging, for keeping the lamb refrigerated up to 3 weeks after delivery. Each order will include 4 oz. bottle of FREE Lamb seasoning, while supplies last.

Other featured seasonal packages at Lobster Gram:

The Easter Egg Dessert Cakes include two 3 oz. dark chocolate-covered Easter Egg-shaped chocolate cakes per order and are only available to ship with the fresh Rack of Lamb or the fresh boneless Leg of Lamb orders.

Lobster Gram has been providing great gourmet gift ideas since its inception in 1987, and has recently been featured in Rachael Ray's "Every Day with Rachael Ray" magazine and Oprah's "O" magazine. Starting with its trademark fresh Maine lobster packages, Lobster Gram has grown to become the #1 live lobster gift delivery company in America, with a 40-page catalog and hundreds of gift choices, including the new Gourmet Gram lineup of gourmet baskets, domestic caviar and papillotes. Known for live Maine lobster gifts, Lobster Gram also has frozen lobster tails from around the world, Prime steaks, crab, shrimp, soups, lobster appetizers, desserts and gift baskets.

To learn more about Lobster Gram and its products, a free catalog is available by calling Lobster Gram's toll free number 1-800-LIVE-LOB (1-800-548-3562) or requesting one at the website . Lobster Gram also has an E-club with great perks, such as private special offers and discounts, and sneak peeks at new products; sign-up at http://www.livelob.com.