Father's Day Gourmet Food Gift Ideas Father's Day Gourmet Food Gift Ideas

The new line of Father's Day gifts at Lobster Gram will have grills smoking hot in anticipation of juicy Dry-AgedPrime Steaks and Prime Hamburgers . Dry-Aged Prime steaks are at the top of any meat-lovers wish list as the ultimate gourmet dinner. Also offered are USDA Prime Hamburgers at an enormous half-pound per burger, for the most incredible gourmet steak burger ever tasted. The Dry-Aged Prime Steaks are at a very limited quantity and only sold for a limited time for Father's Day on the Lobster Gram website .

"Lobster Gram is so excited to have the opportunity to bring these incredible, restaurant-quality Prime Steaks and Prime Hamburgers to our customers for new Father's Day gift ideas . We know that steak is very popular for Father's Day, and we think people will be impressed that the lobster experts also know how to do fantastic gifts of gourmet steaks," stated Dan Zawacki, owner and founder of Lobster Gram.

Father's Day Special: 2 Prime Dry Aged New York Strips gift includes two 16 oz. Dry Aged New York Strip Steaks and a free Prime Private Label Steak Sauce.

Other featured seasonal packages at Lobster Gram:

Eight USDA Prime Hamburgers gift features eight 8 oz. USDA Prime Gourmet Gram Hamburgers with a free Premium All Natural Steak Seasoning, at a great sale price - another great gift idea for Father's Day.

Gourmet Nuts make another great Father's Day gift idea. Lobster Gram offers a variety of gift choices such as 36 oz. of Meyer Private Reserve Cashews packaged in a wood box, 36 oz. of Crème Brulée Almonds also gift packaged in the wood box, or a 3-pack assortment of 18 oz. of Cashews, Almonds, and a Town & Country gourmet snack mix.

Lobster Gram has been providing great gourmet gift ideas since its inception in 1987. Starting with its trademark "Lobster Gram Deluxe", and "Lobster Gram" packages, Lobster Gram has grown to become the #1 live lobster gift delivery company in America, with a 40-page catalog and hundreds of gift choices, including the new lineup of gourmet baskets. Known for ocean-fresh, live Maine lobster gifts with all the trimmings, Lobster Gram also has 10 varieties of exotic lobster tails from around the world, tenderly aged gourmet steaks, crab, shrimp, creamy chowders, ready-to-heat lobster appetizers and decadent desserts.

Call Lobster Gram at its toll free number 1-800-LIVE-LOB (1-800-548-3562), for a free catalog or request one at the website. Lobster Gram also has an E-club with great perks, such as private offers, discounts, and sneak peeks at new products available at its website.