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Is Lobster Healthy For You?

Lobster makes a welcome addition to your health-conscious diet. Its mild, sweet flavor works in a variety of dishes, and... Read More

What's a Lobster Gram?

Lobster Gram: What is it? A Lobster Gram is a unique and tasty fresh seafood gift or incentive that can be... Read More

Larry Sightings

It may not be a well known fact, but Larry the Lobster is a big NBA fan. Recently one of... Read More

Cooking Video Day at Dan's house

Sept. 6, 2013 - Dan "The Lobster Man" and a video crew dropped anchor at Dan's house for a long... Read More

A Man (a Lobster) and a Plan

Dan and family took advantage of their family Spring Break vacation to travel to Costa Rica. In addition to the... Read More

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