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Are Lobsters Immortal?

You may have heard someone say that Lobsters can live forever - but are Lobsters immortal? Well, yes and no... Read More

How Far Do Lobsters Travel? ...And Everything You've Ever Wondered About Lobsters!

So, you want to know more than you ever thought you could about lobsters? You've come to the right place... Read More

Lobster Tails From Around The World

Did you think Maine Lobster tails and Canadian Lobster tails were all there were?  Well, we have great news... Read More

His Crustacean Kingdom: Lobster Gram Goes from Startup to Seafood Sensation 

by: IN Motion, Sikich Quarterly Business Magazine, Issue 8 Spring/Summer 2015 Some of the world’s most famous companies were garage... Read More

A Customer's Amazing Lobster Gram Experience

Customer Joy M. wrote an awesome blog post about hosting a Lobster Bake with friends.  Check out her cool story below... Read More

Happy National Lobster Day! Enjoy our fun lobster facts...

Today is National Lobster Day! In fact, there are two National Lobster Days each year, on June 16th and September... Read More

Wine Pairings For Your Backyard BBQ

While Lobster Gram has its own recommended wine pairings for lobster, this great wine pairing chart features all kinds of seafoods, meats, and... Read More

Why Red Lobster?

Why do we always hear "Red Lobster" and think yummy thoughts? Besides it being an amazing food, why do lobsters... Read More

Best Wines to Pair with Lobster & Seafood

Our lobster lovers at Lobster Gram have great suggestions for matching your steak or seafood dinner with the perfect wine: ... Read More

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