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Lobster Fishing in Winter

You might think that fishing for lobster comes to a halt during the cold winter months, but you’d be wrong... Read More

Shed Your Shell and Lose Some Stress!

Of all the things we think we know about lobsters, did you know there’s something that lobsters can teach us... Read More

Serving Seafood for Holiday Meals

Seafood hasn’t typically been a staple of holiday season menus, particularly in the United States. Our holiday feasts have long... Read More

7 Top Questions about Maine Lobster Fishing

Living in a seafaring region like Maine, fishing and seafood are almost an everyday part of life for the residents... Read More

How to Clarify Butter

One of the best things about eating lobster, crab, or shrimp (and even scallops) is dipping the juicy, succulent meat... Read More

Steaming Lobsters

There's nothing like a steamed lobster! No, we don't mean the kind of lobster that's angry and starts raising and... Read More

What Color Is My Crustacean? A Guide To The Many Lobster Colors

All lobsters are NOT created the same. You might think they're homogenous, with little difference between them, but you'd be... Read More

Cooking Lobster: Wet Heat vs. Dry Heat

There's more than one way to cook a lobster. Wet Heat cooking refers to boiling or steaming a lobster... Read More

Fun Lobster Facts to Share around the Dinner Table

Eating Lobster tonight? We sure hope so! Need something to talk about at dinner? How about some amazingly-fun Lobster facts? ... Read More

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