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The History and Life Cycle of the Alaskan King Crab

As one of the most highly treasured, sought after species of crab in existence, Alaskan King Crab is an unrivaled... Read More

The Delicious History of Seafood Boils!

Seafood boils are true communal eating traditions that span generations and regions of the country, primarily rooted in the Gulf... Read More

Mussels and Clams and Oysters -Oh My! (oh, and Scallops too!)... How different are they?

It’s a family affair when talking about these animals of the sea. They all belong to the mollusk family (you’ve... Read More

No kidding...“Lobstah” is good for ‘ya!

As much as lobster is associated with a classy dinner choice or a rich, flavorful seafood indulgence, you might be... Read More

Scallops: A Singular Seafood Sensation!

Scallops: A Singular Seafood Sensation! There’s nothing quite like the taste of scallops. These sweet, delightfully chewy, juicy morsels... Read More

From The Shore to The Door

Lobster: From Shore to Door Anyone who’s cooked a lobster (or watched a lobster cooking video segment) knows the... Read More

Seafood: From Sea to Shining Sea

Seafood: from Sea to Shining Sea Lest we forget, on the opposite side of the states, there’s also a place... Read More

Sustainably Speaking

As lovers of seafood, we know that our love can endure only as long as the creatures of the sea... Read More

Maine: Lobster Capital of the World

When the world wants lobster, it turns to Maine, the relatively quiet, picturesque state of the union that’s up in... Read More

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