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Lobster 101: The Lobster Gram Learning Center

We're here to help make your Lobster Gram experience great! Below, you’ll find all of the information you're looking for on cooking guides, cooking videos, recipes, nutritional information, our Lobster Gram blog, and more!

Lobster Cooking Guides

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cooking live lobsters - cooking guide - learning center

  • cooking live lobsters - cooking guide - learning center

    Cooking Live Lobsters

    Learn everything you need to know about cooking live Maine lobsters, from boiling to steaming!

  • Live Lobster Care

    Find out the best way to care for your live lobsters before dinner time.

  • cooking lobster tails - cooking guide - learning center

    Cooking Lobster Tails

    Get fail-safe instructions for cooking your lobster tails in a variety of easy methods you'll love.

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Lobster Cooking Videos

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  • Preparing Maine Lobster Tails

    Watch Dan "The Lobster Man" prepare Maine lobster tails.

  • Boiling Live Maine Lobster

    Raise it to a boil and Drop 'em in—easy! Now we'll show you how to get that lobster to turn out to perfect!

  • King Crab Legs 101

    Long, lovely legs — we're talking about Alaskan King Crab legs of course. Find out everything you need to know.

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Seafood & Lobster Recipes

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  • Butter Poached Lobster Tail

    What's a lobster tail without our clarified butter to give it that extra special gourmet flair.

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  • Fresh Crab Salad

    Easy to make and even easier to fall in love with. This healthy meal is a great dish to make in a pinch.

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  • recipes-bearnaise-sauce

    Bearnaise Sauce

    Try this delicious sauce with any of our fork-tender steaks.

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Lobster Gram Blog Posts

  • blog post for video

    Cooking Video Day at Dan's house

    Dan "The Lobster Man" recorded new videos for the Lobster Gram Youtube channel. Get a sneak peek!

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  • A Man (a Lobster) and a Plan

    Dan and family travel the world in search of the tastiest lobsters. Tough job, but someone has to do it.

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  • Larry Sighting

    Our mascot Larry the Lobster makes appearances in the strangest of places. Where was he sighted this week?

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