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Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Lobster Gram Gift Cards

Does Lobster Gram have gift certificates available?

  • Yes! Lobster Gram has gift certificates available in dollar values, as well as "Build Your Own" package options, like Create-a-Gram and Your Choice gift certificates! Lobster Gram can even send gift certificates via Email for same day delivery, when you need a gift in a “pinch.”

Why give a Lobster Gram Gift Certificate?

  • Our products are HIGHLY perishable; if someone is unsure of their recipient’s plans, send a GC. No one wants rotting lobster on their front porch while they are out of town.
  • It’s like giving a gift twice! They will be so happy getting the gift certificate and then even more amazed when they redeem!
  • Recipients get to choose what they want and the delivery date of their choice
  • Gift Cards never expire or depreciate in value
  • Gift Cards are exchangeable: if you don't want the Create A Gram or Your Choice gift certificate, you still get the FULL value of the gift
  • Email Gift Certificates are the only gift certificates that can be sent 365 days a year

What is the difference between dollar value gift certificates, your choice gift certificates, and create-a-gram gift certificates?

  • Dollar Value Gift Certificates are giving the gift of a dollar amount. The value may cover tax and shipping, if the dollar value gift certificate is valued high enough to cover the product cost, tax, and shipping. In most cases, recipients of dollar value certificates pay some out of pocket expense to cover overages above the value of the gift card.
  • Your Choice Gift Certificates allow you to choose the amount to give, and your recipient chooses the package. All packages include a detailed cooking manual and your personalized gift message. Price includes package shipping for overnight delivery (any other delivery options selected will result in additional charges to the recipient). The recipient will be sent instructions on how to redeem the Your Choice gift you gave. There are many Your Choice Gift Cards available, each allowing recipients to choose between a variety of entrees.
  • Create a Gram Gift Certificates is similar to Your Choice, except the recipient not only gets to choose an entree, but they create a whole "Gram" or meal. Recipients will choose a soup, entree, side, and dessert for a wonderful feast. Price includes package shipping for overnight delivery (any other delivery options selected will result in additional charges to the recipient), and the recipient is sent instructions on how to redeem the Create a Gram gift you gave. There are two Create A Gram Gift Cards available, including a 4 course meal for two people or four people.

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Redeeming a Gift Card

How do I redeem my gift card?

  • To redeem your gift card, please look at your gift and determine if you were sent a dollar value gift card (there will be a dollar amount written on the gift card), a "your choice" gift card, or a "create-a-gram" gift card. If you have a Your Choice or Create a Gram gift card via email, you will have a link to go to to redeem your entree or gram that your gifter gave to you. If you received a dollar value, you can shop the entire site. Specific instructions on gift card redemption can be found on our gift card redemption page.

Where do I enter my gift card code?

  • All gift card codes are entered into the Gift Cards field of checkout.
  • Gift Card Redemption in Checkout

Can I apply more than one gift card per order?

  • Yes, multiple gift cards can be applied per order. Enter your first gift card in the Gift Card Field of checkout, and click "Add Gift Card." Enter your next gift card, and click "Add Gift Card." You can apply as many gift cards as you have. The dollar value will only be removed to cover the cost of the order, including subtotals, taxes, and shipping.

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Gift Card Delivery Options

What delivery options are available for gift certificates?

  • Dollar Value Email Certificates are sent on the date you select in checkout. The email is delivered on the delivery date selected.
  • Your Choice and Create A Gram Email Certificates are sent on the same date as you purchase. There is no delivery date selected.
  • For Paper Gift Certificates, you may select: 1st Class Mail at no charge (no tracking available), or any trackable paid method of shipping including 3-Day Letter, 2-Day Letter, Standard Letter, and Priority Letter.

I need to send a gift as a surprise, but I'm unsure if they have dinner plans that night. What should I send?

  • Send a Lobster Gram Gift Certificate! Certificates never expire, and your recipient can choose their ideal package, as well as their desired delivery date and location. It really is the easiest way to give the perfect gift every time!

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Gift Card Balance Lookup

What is my gift certificate worth?

  • Any gift certificate you receive from Lobster Gram can be used on any product. However, we highly recommend that if you have received a gift certificate, you follow the redemption instructions. For Your Choice and Create A Gram gift certificates, your gifter has pre-paid for shipping and your packages will be fully paid for with the cost of the gift certificate.

How do I look up the balance of my gift card?

  • If you would like to check the balance on any gift card, please go to our Gift Card Balance Lookup, and enter the gift card number. You will see the date the gift card was created with the starting balance, as well as any usage of the gift card and any remaining balance.

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Returns & Exchange Policy

What is your exchange policy for Gift Cards?

  • Create-A-Gram and Your Choice gift certificates can be redeemed for the equivalent dollar amount.

What is your refund policy for Gift Cards?

  • If a purchaser wishes to return a gift certificate for a refund, we must receive the original certificate, along with the purchaser’s phone number, via trackable delivery (FedEx, UPS, etc.) or certified mail. Lobster Gram can only issue refunds to the original purchaser.

What if I lose my Gift Card?

  • Gift Certificates should be treated like cash. Lobster Gram is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

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